S.T.A.N.D. Against Sexual Assault upholds that sexual assault is a violation of body, mind and
spirit. Sexual violence is an unwanted act perpetrated for reasons of power and
control, not desire. Victims of sexual assault are in no way deserving or to blame for this act of
violence against them. The ONLY person responsible for sexual assault is the person who
chooses to harm.


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Change Starts With Us


  • Don’t Commit Sexual Assault: Learn what consent is, and practice healthy relationships.
  • Believe and Support Survivors: The stigma surrounding sexual assault makes it very difficult for survivors to talk about their experience.  Survivors think that no one will believe them and that they will be blamed for what happened to them. As a result, most are reluctant to seek support.  It is so important to believe survivors that choose to talk about their experience. Supporters can positively impact the survivor’s healing process.
  • Educate yourself: Given approximately 1 in 3 females and 1 in 6 males will be sexually assaulted in their life, it is inevitable that this issue will touch your life. Please learn more about the issues in our education section so you can provide adequate support for survivors and engage in educated discussions on the issue.
  • Never Blame the Survivor: It can be difficult to believe that close friends and acquaintances can commit sexual assault. It may be easier to focus the blame on the survivor. However, blaming the survivor rather than holding the perpetrator accountable can cause significant harm. Remember the survivor is never responsible for being sexually assaulted.  There is only one cause of sexual assault: the perpetrator chose to commit sexual assault and they are the only ones to blame.
  • Be Critical Of Media: Media is full of content that normalizes sexual assault, we often do not even realize that what we are watching is sexually violent. The stereotypical male hero tends to be strong, stoic and sexually dominate, while the ideal woman is portrayed as fragile, emotional, and sexually submissive. Studies have shown that these types of subtle messages may predispose men to violence against woman.
  • Recognize the Power of Language: Words hurt, using language that degrades and objectifies women contributes to gender inequality, which is strongly connected with increases of sexual violence. Saying things like “that exam raped me” or “we raped that team”, even if we only mean it as slang creates an environment where sexual assault is trivialized and condoned.
  • Speak Out: We are all exposed to attitudes and behaviours that are degrading and promote rape culture. It is our responsibility to change this culture. Use your voice and speak up when you hear jokes, and stereotypes that blame survivors. There is a good chance that a survivor could be sitting next to you in silence SPEAK UP, STAND AGAINST SEXUAL ASSAULT!