We Educate

S.T.A.N.D. ASA aims to prevent sexual violence through the enrichment of awareness and education by providing information sessions and workshops on topics surrounding all aspects of sexual violence. To open hearts and mind, we need to educate hearts and minds.

Presentations & Workshops

A typical Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention presentation provides information on conditions and issues that contribute to and impact sexual violence.

Presentations run 1-2 hours in length depending on the client needs, group size, subject interest, as well as the age and maturity of the intended audience. Content can be tailored and adjusted to fit any group.   We strive for individual attitude and behaviour change as we move toward communities free of all forms of violence. Our workshops are focused on creating a safe space for participation and sharing. Interactive components help participants assess their current understanding of the reality, underlying causes and prevention strategies that can help prevent sexual violence.

Workshops are led by a Services Coordinator/Educator accompanied by a volunteer Peer Support Mentor to support any audience member who may be triggered by the information provided in the presentation.

Key Takeaways:
  • Myths vs facts
  • Current statistics
  • Impacts of sexual violence
  • Victim impact stories
  • Personal responsibility for change
  • How to prevent sexual assault
  • How to support victims/survivors
  • Local resources