We Nourish

Healing is something that is ongoing, some days are harder than others. What may help one individual, may not help another. STAND ASA provides several different workshops to nourish healing while on the journey to recovery. Wellness is sustained by 8 pillars: physical, nutritional, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, financial, and environmental.


STAND ASA workshops are designed for women 16+. They are free to attend; however, any service users not in our area may be offered financial support to access holistic healing workshops in their area.

Currently, some of our workshops include: 

  • Art Therapy with Art Therapist Donna Gage
  • Holistic Healing workshops with Holistic Health Coach Jamie Anholt¬†
  • Self-Awareness Workshops with 11 Time Kickboxing and Sport Karate World Champion Maeghan Cotterill
  • Equine Therapy with Equine Connection
  • Drop-In Virtual Peer Support Group with a STAND Peer Support Mentor