How can I help?

As a grassroots organization with humble small town beginnings, we know that volunteers are the cornerstone of our success. Without the integral foundation laid by our volunteers in the early years, we would not be where we are today as a registered charity.

As a volunteer with STAND ASA, you are a role-model and an advocate for the kinds of attitudes, thoughts, feelings and actions that further the cause of preventing sexual assault and supporting survivors.  This is the soul of why STAND ASA exists.  As a volunteer you will be joining hundreds of others within the Calgary and area communities who are committed to ending gender-based violence, in all its forms.

STAND ASA was created to build a community of support for survivor’s, so no survivor has to STAND alone. STAND ASA aims to create a safer and more just society for all. 

The 3P is our path forward:

  1. Preventing sexual assault through education and community awareness.
  2. Providing peer support to survivors of sexual assault.
  3. Promoting physical, mental and emotional well-being through holistic healing practices.

Volunteer With Us

Activity Volunteers (AV)

Activity Volunteers contributes to or participates in a variety of STAND ASA sponsored activities and events doing a variety of helpful things (tasks and activities) to move projects forward under the direction and supervision of a Volunteer Lead.

Email erinb@standasa.com for more information, or to apply.

Service Volunteer (SV)

Service Volunteers serve in positions requiring high dependability, trust and confidentiality. SVs are required to successfully complete specific STAND ASA training and make a minimum commitment to their volunteer service time – a minimum of one (1) year of service.

Email erinb@standasa.com for more information, or to apply.